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Meaning and Dreams - Analyzing Dream Symbols
The symbols that appear in our dreams are not random. Each and every one has been chosen by our mind (soul or higher self) to give us a meaningful message. Learn how to connect to any dream symbol using four simple steps
Psychic dreams explained. Have you dreamt of a loved one that has died or even your own death? You are not alone as this is a common experience that many people share. Find out if your loved one has a message for you and what your dreams of death really mean. 
Do you have dreams of the future, prophetic or precognitive dreams? Or are you unsure whether your dream is telling you about the future or something closer to home? Read here to find out more....
Have you dreamt of your teeth falling out? Being chased, falling or flying? Maybe it's a dream of your partner cheating on you, a dream about an ex or an unknown person. The 10 most common dreams and the possible interpretations are explained here.
Dreaming has many functions including problem solving, wish fulfillment and processing feelings as well as giving us information about our spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical health. Identify the theme of your dream for a fuller understanding of your dream's message to you.
Are you plagued by nightmares or recurring dreams that just won't go away? It may not feel like it but these are powerful tools for personal transformation and healing. Learn how to free yourself from these types of dreams and how to use them for self discovery.
Theories of dreaming have evolved and changed throughout the history of mankind. There are still different view points but I believe when we bring the theories together we find we're closer than ever to really finding out what our dreams mean.
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Submit your dream for a free full length dream analysis. Each week I will be choosing one dream from Sapphire Dream Interpretation's readers to analyze in detail. The analyzed dreams will be posted on a seperate page for you to browse through. For more info and to submit your dream click here.

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A Strange Nightmare
Last night I had a nightmare where I literally woke up screaming. That's only happened one other time in my life and I was a young kid. Then my nightmare was so bad I actually somehow got out of bed and hid under it without waking up. Last night's dream was, well, unusual.........read more
Coming Soon >>> Free 10,000 Symbol Dream Dictionary
dream analysis, dream interpreter, dream readings,
Dream Analysis and Dream Readings
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dream psychics,
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dream analysis, dream readings,analyzing dream symbols,
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